The Rural Hub

The Rural Hub was set up by a group of education, training and rural development professionals as a response to the impact of the economic crisis on small rural villages and towns in Ireland. Since it was first established in 2012, The Rural Hub has been providing a wide range of training and capacity development programmes to local residents and community groups.   In 2017 it was decided that The Rural Hub would be established as a Company Limited by Guarantee to continue on its actions and further develop the range of activities and services it provides.

The Rural Hub is privately funded and receives no grant income from national funding bodies. This has allowed us to focus the Hub's attention on areas where there is an obvious gap in service provision and to conduct business without the constraints that often accompanies grant income. 

We specialise in the area of community development and have developed a number of local initiatives to support the social inclusion of disadvantaged rural youth, migrant communities and isolated older residents.  We work with these groups, using creative approaches and the testing of digital media resources to support greater social cohesion among local communities. 

We are a flexible and versatile community development organisation capable of responding to a wide range of needs due to the diverse skills of the volunteers who support these actions.