EXEMPLAR - Young Migrant Integration Leaders

In the past few years we’ve observed a rapidly growing number of immigrants in most of Europe’s countries. The common problem is that, even though most can find a decent job, or are provided financial help by the host country, migrants are usually in one way or another isolated from their new society. Sometimes it is because of a cultural or language barrier, sometimes it is because the ongoing European economic crisis has made some people become more xenophobic and conservative.

So how can immigrant youth integrate and contribute to their local communities? That is exactly the reason why the Erasmus+ EXEMPLAR project is taking place.

Its aim is to support migrants to develop an appreciation of their own heritage and of the cultural heritage of their host country. We want to enable young migrants to become integration leaders guiding other migrants all over Europe to integrate with their local community and overcome barriers.

Often brilliant migrant specialists can’t work in their field because of insufficient fluency or by not having enough contacts. This can create a real risk of social exclusion and isolation.

Together with six European partners we want to build the necessary bridging capital between host and migrant communities. Through developing an awareness of European heritage and values, we will be able to achieve social cohesion among migrant and host communities Training a cohort of young migrants to lead the integration process symbolises a genuine bottom-up approach to migrant integration.