ELEVATION – Raising the skills of adults on the margins of lifelong learning

It is a commonly experienced oddity that those who could benefit most from lifelong learning are those least likely to engage. One in four adults between 25-64 years of age in the EU have not completed any formal education beyond secondary school. That is 70 million people. 20 million of which left the education system with no more than a primary education.

The reasons for this are varied but the fact remains that those who comprise this group are the least likely to re-enter educational programmes. Because of this one in five adults have low literacy and numeracy skills, and almost one in three have low computer skills.

The Rural Hub believe this bares no reflection on the capability or talents of such individuals and the solution is to reconsider all aspects of standard adult education to make learning inviting on an individual level.

In conjunction with four other European partners we have decided to launch ELEVATION, a, Erasmus+ project to raise the skills of adults on the margins of lifelong learning through information campaigns, bite-sized learning materials and a community festival.

Through art, culture, digital and social media, sport and hobbies we will promote engagement in adult learning and empower individuals to maximize their life potential and achieve greater social inclusion; but above all, we will help them discover the joy in lifelong learning.