Our Work in the Community

Through our work in providing access to innovative, digital learning materials to rural communities, we have been affective in:

  1. supporting greater community involvement and enhanced social inclusion to target growing isolation; 
  2. encouraging the integration of local migrant communities with the host communities and their counterparts in other migrant communities; 
  3. promoting digital literacy for women outside the workforce and senior citizens; 
  4. providing essential up-skilling to low-skilled workers to aid worker retention and business growth; 
  5. supporting the development of entrepreneurship skills and attributes through targeted training in specific sectors including the green economy, the cultural and creative industries and traditional skills sector.

In recent years, the Rural Hub has also provided a wide range of online educational materials for local residents to:

  • provide youth workers and front-line educators with support to integrate artistic disciplines into their education and training programmes; 
  • promote the retention of tacit knowledge in our workforce;
  • develop the career management skills of youg people, youth-at-risk, early school leavers and adults on the margins of education provision;
  • support young workers and students to develop their stress management skills and improve their sense of well-being;
  • develop the digital media skills of youth professionals, teachers, trainers and local volunteers;
  • support older workers to develop their skills as social researchers.

In addition to providing access to a suite of digital resources and short-term training programmes, we also provide diet and nutrition support to senior citizens; reflexology training for mothers with new-born babies and oral history training which provides learners with the skills necessary to collect and record interviews with local people, documenting local historical events.